Sadayappan named executive director of the Center for Cardiovascular Research (Sep 2023)

Radio Talk: Congestive Heart Failure is an important topic (Oct 2022)

Angenette Levy | iHeart | 55KRC
(starts at 30:22 min and ends at 40:10 min)

Award supports underrepresented minority postdoctoral fellows (Sep 2022)

Colleagues remember Dr. Jeff Robbins (Sep 2022)

UC research focuses on key protein in heart failure (Feb 2022)

Putting the Squeeze on Fast Skeletal Myosin-Binding Protein-C (Nov 2021)

UC establishes 'heart bank' (Sep 2021)

Our Fight‑or‑Flight Response Is More Than Just Instinct, Scientists Find (Apr 2021)

UC Researchers Identify Protein Involved In Fight Or Flight (Apr 2021)

UC researchers hope to advance the understanding of skeletal muscular disorders (Apr 2021)

UC lab identifies a genetic heart variant that leads to trouble for Maine Coon cats (March 2021)

UC researchers tackle cardiomyopathy in the lab (Nov 2020)

UC scientist studies role of muscle protein in skeletal muscle disorders (Nov 2020)

UC researchers look at how COVID-19 affects the heart (May 2020)

UC COVID-19 studies awarded $425K (Apr 2020)

Words of Wisdom by Leading Biophysicists (Feb 2020)

New Heart Program From UC Scientist Is Keeping South Asians Across U.S. Healthy (Feb 2020, Cincinnati Public Radio)

UC professor tackles heart disease in the lab and community (Dec 2019)

Benefits of stem cell heart therapy (Nature 2019)

His strength is making our heart stronger

Faulty 'brake' interferes with heart muscle's ability to contract and relax

Videos :

Tribute for Jeffrey Robbins, PhD (Aug 2022)

Spouse, Parent, Scientist. How to Balance Work & Life? | Dr. Sakthivel Sadayappan | TEDxUCincinnati (Mar 2022)

Introduction of Dr. Sadayappan at the TEDx talk (Mar 2022)

AHA Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month (May 2022)

Red Saree promoting heart health of South Asians (Feb 2021)

BCVS 2020 Program Highlights

BCVS 2020 Virtual Science Wrap up

Industry Institute Partnership Conclave - 2019 | Dr.N.G.P.Arts and Science College

BCVS 2019 Program Highlights

BCVS 2019 - What We Learned

BCVS 2019 Genetic Approaches to Identify and Treat Cancer Patients

BCVS 2015 Genetics of Cardiac Development and Disease

India heart disease (CNN)

2012 Cardiac Myosin Barbeque-ing Protein-C

2012 Cardiac Myosin Bowling Protein-C

2019 Dinamalar News :

MyoKardia Announces Inaugural MyoSeeds Research Grants Program Awardees

A drug long used to treat gout may help adult heart failure patients

First Human Embryos 'Edited' in U.S.—Get the Facts (National Geographic)

UC Medical Center Researchers Advancing Precision Medicine

2018 Dinamalar News :

Genetic variant might be a better marker for heart disease

Possible new blood test to diagnose heart attacks

The mystery behind heart failures

2010 The Hindu News :

The heart of the matter

Up to eight percent of Asians carry gene mutation that causes heart failure

In India, 1 in 25 People Carry Gene That Causes Heart Failure

Study on Asian heart risks

Team finds heart disease gene in South Asians

2004 The Hindu News :

2017 The Dinamani News :

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